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La Valse d'Degrassi

J'y Suis Jamais Alle'

Degrassi the next generation role playing game.
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1. We don't put up with bullshit and immaturity, save the out of character drama for your personal journal. if the mods ask you to do something do it or quit. end of story.

2. Commenting, you need to comment on everyones (basic) entries, the more commenting the better!! You can be cut for lack of commenting.

3. You must have an AIM screen name for your character, and you must be on 3-4 hours a week.

4. anyone caught stealing their entries/graphics will be banned no questions asked.

5. this rpg is free plot up after secret part one, so emma does NOT know she has Gonorrhea, and alex does not know she's being cheated on ect

6. Your entry must be up before applying otherwise it's a no, you also need a user icon (credited if made by you please note it) apply at the entry in the community where you are instructed to do so.

7. Have fun and be very creative and respectful.

8. Please indicate when you're out of character, ex: OOC: ((ooc:)) [[Ooc:]]

9. You may be cut at anytime possible with a decent reason.

10.Do not join the community and then just never update again, its unfair to those who want to be in it, and disresptecful.

11. if something you want to do is extreme clarify with one of the mods.

12.all community posts are to be made friends only to keep it neat and not confuse those to where the applying post is.

To assure us that you have read the rules, please make sure when we ask the question in the application "Have you read the rules:" Please write, "Si tu N'es"

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Playing: Manny santos
roleplaying journal: cheerxmanny
Character Screen Name: Sexii Manny

Playing: Alex.
role playing journal: lexxxxxxxxxxxxx (there are thirteen x's)
Character Screen Name: Satanxist

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Members/Taken Characters:

Alex: lexxxxxxxxxxxxx AIM: Satanxist
Ashley Kerwin: nothingleft2win AIM: avoiding YOU xx
Jay Hogart: pimpin_hogart AIM: hogartownsyou
Manny Santos:cheerxmanny AIM: Sexii Manny
Darcy: darcylovesya07 AIM: a killer crush
Emma Nelson: sweetxinnocense AIM: treeangel16
Paige Michalchuk: prettyinpaige AIM: PaigeGossipQueen
Ellie Nash: masokissedic AIM: Blcknailsblckhrt
Chris Sharpe: bluexsharpe AIM: XChrisSharpeX
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Open/available Characters:

Spinner Mason:
J.t Yorke:
Marco Del Rossi:
Rick Murray:
Chester Bloom:
Craig Manning:
Ellie Nash:
Heater Sinclaire:
Dylan Michalchuk:
Danny Van Zandt
Hazel Aden:
Jimmy Brooks:
Kendra Mason:
Liberty Van Zandt:
Matt Oleander:
Terri McGreggor:
Toby Issacs:
Chris Sharpe:
tyler bishop:
Sean Cameron:

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Personal Livejournal (optional):
Character Applying for:
Character username/livejournal:
Character AIM:
Did you read the rules:
Is your first entry up and ready to go:

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